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Would you like to propose an ASA project this year?

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Project proposals for the ASA program can be submitted every year from around May until mid-September. Please note the differing application periods: 

  • ASA-Kommunal (basis and global): Your project proposal is due on 15 July.
  • ASA (basis and global): Your project proposal is due on 15 August.
  • ASApreneurs, ASA university cooperation and GLEN: Your project proposal is due on 15 September.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us:

ASA basis: Nadege Azafack

ASA global (ASA-SüdNord): Katharina Ziegler

ASA-Kommunal basic and global: Elina Wegner 

ASApreneurs: Jeanne Lätt

GLEN: Lars Poignant


Please note that ASA projects neither imply financial support for nor financial contribution of the host partner organization. The only exception are ASA global (ASA-SüdNord) projects where the stay of participants from the Global South is co-financed by the German Partner organization and ASApreneurs Projects where the partner businesses remunerate the ASA interns.

The wide majority of our participants are very motivated and commit a lot of time and energy to their work. Nevertheless, please do not expect fully skilled professionals; the projects are not to be understood as deployment of experts, but as a platform for mutual learning and the sharing of ideas.

Information for your project proposal

General information about the ASA program

The following documents provide general information for your project proposal.

ASA – Sustainable development and global partnership

Please find more information on ASA in our factsheets

This form is to propose a three-month project internship in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South Eastern Europe:

This form is to propose a six-month project internship in Germany and a country in Africa, Asia or Latin America

ASA-Municipal – Learning and engagement in municipal development policy

Please find more information on ASA-Municipal here:

Please use these forms for project proposals:

ASApreneurs – Shaping a sustainable world

Please find more information on ASApreneurs in our factsheet.

ASA university cooperation – Innovative research and applied science for sustainability

Please refer to our factsheets for additional information.

If you are interested to submit a project proposal, please get in touch with the ASA program:


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Project countries

In which countries can the ASA projects take place?


ASA projects can take place in principle in all DAC countries. Nevertheless there are some exceptions:


ASA projects can not take place in countries for which the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a travel restriction for security reasons. Please contact ASA early enough before handing in a proposal, in order to ask if this restriction also concerns the country you would like to propose an ASA project for. In some cases the travel restriction concerns only part of one country. In this case the ASA project can not take place in this specific area.


The ASA-Program needs to also follow the security restrictions that are valid for weltwärts volunteers.